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Your Representative. Your Advocate.

Who I am 

I’m Kristal Markle (formally Murren) and I grew up on a farm in Hershey, PA. I have been a homeowner in the Mechanicsburg, PA area since 2004 and am raising two children who attend our remarkable public schools. My parents instilled three fundamental values in me:

  1. There is no such word as can’t. (A value handed down from our coal mining history in the Great Depression)

  2. Nothing is impossible with love and hard work.

  3. Don’t let the turkeys get you down!

I was an all-American cheerleader and honor roll student. I attended Bloomsburg University, got involved as a resident advisor and was on the homecoming court. After graduating from Bloomsburg, I found my calling in training and leadership development.  I became the Training Officer for the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, the largest human services agency in the nation. I created the Leadership Development Institute that is seen as the gold standard in leadership development and is now being implemented across Pennsylvania and Maryland state governments.  


Why I’m running

Five years ago, my life was turned upside down. I was in a car accident that changed my life forever. I was driving to work on the same route at the same time as every other day. I was stopped at a red light and hit from behind by a truck at 55 mph. I never saw it coming. There were no noises, no screeching tires, just a truck wedged against my backseat. 

The impact wasn’t just to my car, it was also to my brain. 

I lost most of my memories. My writing was illegible; letters were backwards and often where numbers belonged. I could only do one thing at a time and that took immense effort. Normal tasks such as driving became impossible. I had fallen to rock bottom and my family’s basic needs were not being met.

I became a client of the system that had previously employed me - the PA Department of Public Welfare. There’s a false narrative that public assistance leads to unending reliance on government for financial support. I know from my professional and personal  experience that this is not the case. In fact, it is the existence of, and need for these  support systems that has enabled and now driven me to represent you. I understand and can speak intimately about the value of a system that is too often misunderstood and villainized, and instead should be applauded, and fully funded. 

My experience motivates me to do my part in ensuring that all voices are heard. I started my small business to support  women owning their power. Today, I am a renowned motivational speaker, thought leader, influencer, servant leadership authority.


Where I stand

I am a defender of women's rights, equal rights,, victim’s rights, public education and putting people before politics. I am thrilled to be making history in the 87th district. I will be the first woman and first Democrat to sit in this seat and advocate for you. Together, we are breaking glass ceilings by doing the right thing with character and true leadership.


We, the American people, have faced a brutal assault of sickness, death, separation, war, loss, and division. I will lead with courage and love that unites and breathes new life into what can seem hopeless. But I can’t do that without you. It’s time to elect YOUR representative. YOUR advocate.


Why the name change?

I changed back to my maiden name as a way of supporting my father, Ed Markle, who is courageously battling pancreatic cancer.

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