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People Before Politics

I have built my career on the foundation of servant leadership. As a servant leader, I assure that you, the people of Cumberland County, will come first. I will be a leader who will see that the people I represent have a say in what happens in Harrisburg.


I will work with all of my constituents and House members, Republicans and Democrats alike, to enhance the quality of life in Cumberland County. I will focus on the “best” ideas and solutions – not on whom they come from.


I will work to guarantee that the voting rights of all citizens of Cumberland County are protected.


I will strongly defend the Civil Rights and the state and federal Constitutional Rights of all citizens of Cumberland County. The freedoms outlined in both Constitutions are essential for a healthy democracy. I strongly support the concept that all of us are entitled to equal protection under the law.

Empowering Women

The mission of my small business is to help women find and own their power. It is critical that we give women a seat at the table. All too often women’s voices are overshadowed by their male counterparts. 


I will work with successful women to take young women and girls under their wing. By being a resource for the next generation of female leaders, we will give them a strong foundation for their journey to success and brighten the future for all women in our society.  


I am pro-choice and will work to guarantee that all women have access to adequate healthcare. A woman’s health decisions are guaranteed by her right to privacy and must be kept between her and her doctor. 

Supporting Workers & Entrepreneurs


As a small businessperson, I believe that a big part of the American dream is the ability for anyone to open their own business. Entrepreneurship drives this country's economic prosperity and fuels innovation. I will work tirelessly to ensure all local businesspeople have the support needed to achieve their goals.


I stand with workers fighting for fair wages, better healthcare, and safe working conditions. I will always champion the right to organize to make sure our workers are treated fairly.


I am committed to boosting job growth in our community through increased funding for educational programs, including vocational and technical training our unions provide, so we can better support the next generation of workers.


I will work to strengthen the bonds of our community relationships. I will reinforce partnerships among local small businesses to use the goods and services of other local businesses such as banks and farms. This will create productive relationships among residents, other business owners, schools, and community leaders.


I am a mother of two young children. I believe that the future of our world rests on the shoulders of their education. Too often a child’s destiny is determined by their zip code and not their ability. All our children deserve the highest quality education. Therefore, I will:


  • work to make sure Cumberland County schools have the funding, support, and accountability to provide our children with a world-class public education.

  • partner with our educators to develop a talented workforce that will give every child the opportunity to reach their full potential.

  • support initiatives that provide a well-rounded curriculum including STEM, the arts, physical fitness, and other programs that meet students’ developmental needs.

Championing Tax Relief

As a single mom, I am very blessed that the citizens of our community have contributed to my children receiving an excellent education. I also acknowledge that for too long, seniors and families in our community have carried the undue burden of high property taxes to fund our schools. I will work to protect our seniors and our vulnerable citizens while restructuring our tax system to ensure our children continue to receive the highest quality of education.


I do not and will not support the extremely regressive attempt by Republicans to tax food.  Too many of our friends, families, and neighbors are food insecure and rely on SNAP benefits and food pantries just to survive.  This attack on some of our most vulnerable citizens is not only unjust, but also immoral. 

Ensuring Government Efficiency & Effectiveness

As a former Commonwealth employee, I have worked with amazing people who care deeply about the citizens of Pennsylvania. However, I’ve seen how “the sausage is made.” Therefore, I will: 


  • make certain that state agencies’ expenditures are transparent and accountable to taxpayers.

  • increase cooperation between state agencies and the private sector to maximize services to our citizens and communities.

  • partner with Commonwealth employees to ensure they have a safe method of reporting wasteful, unethical, or criminal activities in their workplaces that are detrimental to the public good. 

  • collaborate with employees and unions to ensure they have the resources and skills to serve the people of the Commonwealth effectively.

Reducing Crime

I am a survivor of violent crime and a former victim’s advocate.  I will work tirelessly to create a safe society to make certain all citizens of Cumberland County can live their lives in peace.


I am a gun owner and support responsible gun ownership.  I will strive to create a community where all are safe from gun violence.   I will take the lead to promote safe gun ownership and sensible laws.  I believe it is crucial to ensure that guns are used safely, stored securely, and are not accessible to criminals or those who are a legitimate danger to themselves or others.


I am a strong supporter of our law enforcement officers.  In fact, I deeply believe I would not be here to run for office if it wasn’t for their dedication and protection. I will stand up for them, so they have the funding and support needed to protect and serve our communities.  I will also work to make sure our law enforcement officers conduct themselves professionally and are held accountable for their actions. All citizens have the right to equal protection under the law.

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